Our Story

Sonop Farms

Family driven

Nestled in a verdant oasis on the banks of the Orange River lies Sonop, a farm steeped in history and world-renowned for its quality credentials. Originally established in 1981 by founding members Nico and Marie van der Merwe, the farm has since grown to become one of Namibia’s biggest vegetable producers. 

Powered by a steady stream of fresh water and blessed with a temperate and dry climate, Sonop is uniquely positioned to produce fruit and vegetables throughout the year, with minimal threat from pests and diseases meaning plants can be grown without chemicals, resulting in a richer, healthier crop. 

Originally conceived as a tomato farm, Sonop has, under the guidance of brothers Nico and Albert, continued to innovate and reimagine its product offering, and now focuses on the farming of four primary crops – namely butternut, peppers, grapes and the original tomato. 

Despite having expanded to become Namibia’s top tomato producer and one of the country’s most renowned agricultural brands, Sonop’s farm continues to retain its family-run ethos, priding itself on the quality, rather than quantity, of its output. 

Sought after by retailers across the globe thanks to their swift delivery times and unrivalled produce quality, the commitment and passion that goes into the production of Sonop’s delicious products is evident in every single bite.