In the heart of the Far South amongst the Orange River and Namibian landscape, where the sunsets paint the vast horizons with hues of orange and purple, a remarkable story unfolded in the thriving Namibian table grape industry.

Namibia plays a crucial role in the global table grape export industry, strategically positioned for the early markets in the EU and UK. This significant achievement is facilitated by favorable weather conditions and a diverse range of new grape varieties.

The harvest of early table grape varieties greatly benefits Namibian producers. Namibian table grape producers primarily export via Cape Town’s harbor, with Walvis Bay being recently added as another export option.

One notable aspect of this season is the introduction of new grape varieties. Among these is Sugrathirtyfive, branded as Autumn Crisp, renowned for its popularity among retailers and consumers worldwide. Autumn Crisp is also being harvested and exported for the first time in 2023 by Namibia. Due to unpredictable weather patterns, the table grape industry must be managed with extreme precision. Technology and tools are available to mitigate risks to a significant extent.

In the last 5 years since 2022, the table grape industry has achieved pioneering work with the help and input of companies and institutions, such as Sunworld’s breeding program introduced in Namibia. The introduction of newly released varieties provides growers with peace of mind during uncertain times, especially concerning climate events. Namibian table grapes from the Orange River Valley are described as ‘World Class,’ not only due to the high regard these vineyards hold in Europe but also because the grape industry is deemed profitable for the Namibian economy.

As the vineyards of the Orange River Valley flourished, so did the reputation of the Namibian table grape industry. The grapes that emerged from the Orange River Valley were no longer mere fruits; they became ambassadors of Namibia’s unwavering commitment to excellence. International markets took notice of the exceptional quality and distinctive flavor profile of Namibian table grapes.

Sonop Farms is among the few proudly Namibian grape companies and is 100 percent privately owned. In today’s economic conditions, this poses an enormous challenge. However, beyond these challenges, Sonop Farms is committed to preserving a globally competitive and sustainable ecosystem for future generations through excellence and innovation in all business divisions.

The pursuit of improvement and innovation guides us in selecting the best varieties from premium breeding programs, ensuring optimal flavor and shelf life to meet the needs of our global customers. Our commitment is to deliver the right product to the right customer every time. We blend continuous innovation in varieties, packaging materials, and systems to stay abreast of consumer trends, simultaneously optimizing production efficiency to enhance our value proposition.

Sonop Farms is thrilled to share our pride with our international customers as we continually strive for perfection in everything we do.